How do I get my grass green during a drought?

How do I get my grass green during a drought? It’s a common cry heard from lawn-loving homeowners as they watch their yards turn brown or pale in the summer sun: “How can I get my grass green when I’m facing a drought?” Of course, because the Exterior View experts understand the science behind achieving a healthy lawn you’ll love, they can tell you exactly what’s happening. Turfgrass plants are composed of 70% to 75% water, so when the available water supply dwindles, your lawn will show it. The science behind the “how can I get my grass green?” plea The problem with drought stress begins when grasses begin to lose more water through their leaves than they absorb through...
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Is your yard attracting troublesome ticks?

Bull’s-eye! This word commonly associated with a perfect shot at target practice is gaining equal recognition with a spine-tingling correlation to a tiny insect causing big trouble. The deer tick and wood tick (also known as the American dog tick) are similar in comparison, and are known to carry at least 11 recognized vectors of diseases. They share another common fact; in Midwest states from late March to early November, they can be lurking right at your doorstep. Experts agree that pesticides are the most effective way to control tick populations in your yard, but before you make a chemical-based decision, get to know your “enemy” and consider natural steps that may help you eliminate the need for pesticides by...
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Tips for Healthy Turf – Aeration & Overseeding

Taking good care of a lawn, when done properly, actually helps the environment. Too often, lawn care service and the term “environmentally friendly” do not go hand in hand; however, it shouldn’t have to be that way. Knowing the facts and developing a good relationship with trained professionals you can trust will help bridge the gap between what is truly good for your lawn and the environment, and what is not. Rain forests and trees affect environmental quality, but turf grass also has its function. There are many facts and statistics to be found; here are just a few: Turf and the Environment  • A 50′ x 50′ lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four, while removing pollutants...
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